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Recently I’ve been spending a lot of weekends at The Apo – am very impressed by their creative culinary inventions! Another successful establishment from the Moubment Group, this industrial space perched at the entrance of Bakery Lane is nothing short of amazing. The Apo pays tribute to the heritage listed building which used to house an apothecaries’ hall. A…

Black Bird Bar and Grill A lavish space inspired by The Great Gatsby, the prohibition & speak-easy’s it’s a glamorous new addition to the Eagle Street foodscape! A captivating blend of ornate Art Deco furnishings, velvety buttoned chairs & grand curtains we were immediately immersed in early 21st century magnificence. Brought to us by the Ghanem Group …

With cafes and bars popping up like daisies in the Brisbane food-scape I’ve finally paid a (long overdue) visit to Chester Street Bakery and Bar  The forth addition to the family of Alfred & Constance, Alfredo’s Pizzeria and Limes Hotel, hotelier Damian Griffith continues to dazzle us with his transcendent venues realised by the design super-hero Alexander…

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