Alfred and Constance Brisbane

I’ve just returned from a month of R&R to a stack of design projects and a stifling heat wave. An extremely busy month ahead with wedding plans and moving house (YAY!!!!)
Though I did get a moment to sneak out to the new Alfred & Constance for a quick bite.

awesome speakers imbedded in the bar counter, makes me reminisce the days at Via Alley with their wave of speakers in the TGV store!

puff the magic …’roo? hilarious

a good ol’ Joe chair, completely random but works with the space!

great space for a function

ah, the saddle chair. reminds me of an old design project !

damn straight!

they even have fro’yo! the food is very simple, home made and wholesome – though I think a bit pricey for their portion size.

I had a chicken slider (yum) with a mix of octopus and potato salad. the croutons were delicious. they also serve fro’yo!

greeted by a smoochin’ Elvis, can’t go wrong with that!

next time I’d love to come back at night : )

head on up to the Tiki Bar, a cosy little nook!

Alfred & Constance
at the corner of  Alfred and Constance street, Fortitude Valley

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