As a gift to a friend with an adorable newborn, I illustrated a Little Red Cheeks story book written by members in our badminton group – ‘the hangry smashers’! The characters are an introduction for baby Eva to her many uncle and aunties – and the book is filled with fun stories of our adventures, inside jokes and idiosyncrasies (a lot of Game of Thrones references haha).

 Beautifully printed by Artifact Uprising with additional pages for collages

Wishing you a happy birthday baby Eva, hope you like the personalised book!

Super excited to share with ya’ll the wedding invites & other bits and pieces I designed for one of my dearest friends (10 years and counting!!! #inseparable #chatting24/7) A media comms specialist turned patisserie chef, Wendy is one of the most humble and interesting hoomans you’d ever meet – she makes everyone around her happy! Inspired by Bali (where the bride and groom are both from) – the invites feature wood grains & tropical plants, with a contemporary & minimal aesthetic that encapsulates them both.

Debossed logo on an olive green envelope

Watercolour plants illustrations for the envelope inserts, rose gold foiling and wood grains debossed into the invite – such a tactile treat!

Bit obsessed with monsteras at the moment – these will be swing tags for her bombonieres!

The itinerary for the church ceremony & a close up of the invite 

Am so grateful for the creative freedom in designing the wedding invitations – she is one chilled bride. This was one of the funnest projects I’ve ever worked on – I’m so happy for you kids! Can’t wait to be reunited – counting down to the big day : )


 What’s more fun than designing invites, sourcing cool props and setting it all up for a kickass kids party? When you get to do it with your bestie!

Back in May one of my dearest friends hired me to be her nephew’s party planner! The party was to be horse themed (as Seb the birthday boy loves his ‘neigh neighs’), so we decided to book a travelling petting zoo. After months of planning and anticipation, here are the highlights from the day!

Rustic forest sign which we placed at the end of the driveway to direct guests

The set up! Our candy buffet, cake & drinks section. There was also a lotttttt of food (not pictured)


The birthday boy with the fluffy chooks!

Placed some final touches on this lovely naked cake – some DIY paper trees & horse toys!

The invite featuring my Little Red Cheeks illustrations : )

Harro! I'm Charmaine, a graphic designer & illustration artist based in Australia. This site is dedicated to my design shenanigans and anything that tickles my fancy! 



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