My Mistress Cafe

 IMG_9230I have a confession to make… I’ve been very unfaithful…
Ever since I met my My Mistress in Clayfield!

Brought to us from the awesome team behind She Bangs Coffee,
My Mistress purveys perfect, silky cups of Genovese coffees
and seductive food offerings – I envy those Northsiders
who can easily pop by for a bite!

IMG_9245I was instantly drawn to its minty green facade and rustic charm.
Recently we’ve seen the revival of the New York loft look,
with exposed brick walls, mason jar lights, and pipes artfully adapted as shelvings.
Few can encapsulate that aesthetic without looking somewhat kitschy,
but My Mistress have executed it beautifully,
all the interior elements blend together without pretension!


IMG_9235IMG_9242IMG_9246Ding ding! Order’s up!


THAT coffee.

IMG_9278Thoroughly enjoyed the ice cold brew by Baxter & Sons!

And the main affairs :

IMG_9273Eggs Monica
Free range scrambled eggs on a corn, halloumi and zucchini fritter,
blistered cherry tomatoes and a seasoned avocado smash

Head Mistress
Baked free range eggs with house made spiced beans,
chorizo, sour cream and cheesy bread

IMG_9267Morning Glory
Smoked bacon, free range egg, rocket, Swiss cheese, tomato relish,
aioli on a toasted bagel

IMG_9264Eggs Marilyn
Organic caramelised onion and caraway rye, free range fried eggs,
Margaret River smoked ham, wilted spinach topped with a creamy hollandaise sauce


How glorious is this hollandaise slide



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My Mistress
515 Sandgate Road, Clayfield QLD 4011

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Branding for Au Natural

Recently I partook in a very exciting design project –
creating a new brand identity for Austom Elements (which I shall blog about next!)
and providing a completely new sub brand : Au Natural!

Stemming from their launch in China 2013,
Austom Elements is a one-stop shop for overseas clients to
procure Australian and New Zealand products,
whilst providing them with an economic freight forwarding / delivery service.
With the recent expansion into the Australia, a need for a company re-brand was identified.

Au Natural will launch as a shopping hub, sourcing natural, well-being products.
Ranging from apparel, skincare, to supplements and vitamins,
Au Natural’s carefully curated product range is geared towards
providing clients with healthier lifestyles, as well as guaranteed authenticity and
quality of the goods. Starting as a select store,
Au Natural aims to move towards purveying its own line of
in-house products in the near future.

Taking a step forward from traditional souvenir retailers
which are often out dated and bears the tawdriness of “touristy feel”,
Au Natural will emerge as an iconic “taste-maker” with a contemporary aesthetic,
representing the best of down-under and perceived by clients as the trendy place to shop.

Concept 1 : 

au natural-5

The name Au Natural stems from the French word “au naturel”,
which literally means “in the natural”.
Adapted as an English word, au naturel means:

1. In the natural state
2. Naked; nude
3. In the plainest or simplest manner

We have made a play on the words to create “Au Natural” – which alludes to the abbreviation
for Australia (Au), and is a catchy name that will be relatable with clients.

The proposed brand aesthetic is fun and relaxed, with a child-like charm
(which will also appeal to mothers), drawing upon leaves, trees, nature and the environment.

The first logo variation is inspired by the heart shaped eucalyptus leaf –
mostly native to Australia, whilst the second is a play on the typography –
the AU forms the trunks and leaves of plants.

au natural-3

Brand simulation:

au natural-2

Proposed tagline:

au natural-4

Concept 2:

au natural-1

A hand-drawn, brush quality to the logo which
reflects the hand-made products available at Au Natural,
with a fresh, soothing watercolour palette.
This logo incorporates the natural hues and layers of leaves and plants,
creating a holistic design that references our environment.
A series of watercolours will be created for packaging.

au natural

Their retail space will be opening in Brisbane sometime in March … stay tuned!!

re-brand for REAA Real Estate Academy Australia

A fresh corporate identity for
REAA – Real Estate Academy Australia !

The brief was to create a more contemporary look and feel without
deviating too much from their current branding.
I provided new logo options as well as social media artworks for their
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

As an education / training centre, the branding should convey confidence,
whilst reinforce the academy’s core values – professionalism, speed and success.

REAA is a distinguished, Brisbane based institute
that will efficiently and effectively equip
its attendees with practical knowledge for a successful career in real estate.

Concept 1:

REAA Real Estate Academy Australia Brisbane Training 2

The sharp strokes are structured, and succinct,
and conveys the integrity of the academy.
The logo is applied as a modern seal with a gradual vertical gradient
(inspired by the palette of the sky)

REAA Real Estate Academy Australia Brisbane Training

At first glance it would appear that a building is pointing up and
forming a doorway to success through REAA – the sky is the limit!

Concept 2:

REAA Real Estate Academy Australia Brisbane Training 3

This concept retains the core elements from the original logo
and is a more modern interpretation of the original seal.
The use of one or two bold colour creates a more elegant and striking identity,
and also improves the legibility of the words.

REAA Real Estate Academy Australia Brisbane Training 5

REAA Real Estate Academy Australia Brisbane Training 4

Social media artwork:

REAA Real Estate Academy Australia Brisbane Training 6

If you’re thinking of kick-starting a new career or
progressing in the world of real estate, look no further!
Head on over to their Facebook or Website for more info