1889 Enoteca


 1889 Enoteca is definitely one of the finest establishments in Brisbane;

I find myself going back again and again, for birthdays and anniversaries
and all those “but this DEFINITELY calls for some fine Italian” days in between.

Paying homage to the heritage listed Moreton Rubber Works building (circa 1889)
1889 Enoteca is one of those places where the stars of gastronomy has fully aligned-
a handsome restaurant space occupied by the most delightful, jubilant team,
(and it doesn’t hurt that they are all very good looking!)
and the food retains a consistency of impeccable perfection on every visit.

The restaurant is a combined bistro and wine store,
with a cellar / dining space below – perfect for private group functions,
1889 Enoteca carries an extensive natural wine list!

I am overcome with regret when it dawned on me that
I have not shared this gem with you earlier!






Affettati misti
A selection of hand-made cured meats
… mmm prosciutto & salami are a man’s bestfriends


Fiori di zucca ripieni di mozzarella e acciughe
Fried zucchini flowers, mozzarella, anchovy; perfect balance of softness and crunch
and feels almost air-fried as this dish is not greasy at all.


Carnaroli risotto con piselli, formaggio di capra e fiori di zucca
Carnaroli rice risotto, peas, goats cheese, zucchini flower


Pappardelle al ragu
Wide ribbon pasta, braised pork & beef, fresh tomato sauce, Parmigiano Reggiano

IMG_8893Gnocchi di patate con salsiccia, crema di parmigiano e tartufo nero
Potato gnocchi, pork & fennel sausage, black truffle tapenade
This gnocchi is truly something else, fragrant, rich, and ever so soft.


Our most recent visit was for mum’s birthday – gosh did they fawn over her!
She left feeling like a queen : ) Thank you for taking such good care of us!


Layers and layers of true happiness.


They’ve brought the romance and soul of Italy to Brisbane!

Moreton Rubber Building, 10 – 12 Logan Road, Woolloongabba
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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me Collectors Room Berlin

2014-10-22 12.35.02

I stumbled upon my dream gallery space in the heart of Berlin – me Collectors Room!
A captivating, interactive gallery split into two main parts : a permanent exhibition “The Wunderkammer Olbricht”
and a transitioning stage for international private contemporary art collections.

me Collectors room/ Olbricht Foundation has a wonderfully curated gallery shop and play space
for young visitors to enjoy; they also run great children and teenager programs!

The images at this establishment were taken by me with my trusty HTC ONE:

2014-10-22 12.25.37

At the entrance you will find yourself greeted by many taxidermy friends!

2014-10-22 12.24.45

2014-10-22 12.23.29

Hullo Mr Beaver!


The Wunderkammer Olbricht

You will find a helpful list of exhibits here!

“The practice of maintaining ‘cabinets of curiosities’ evolved during the Renaissance and Baroque.
Such cabinets were collectors’ rooms in which precious artworks (artificialia),
rare phenomena of nature (naturalia), scientific instruments (scientifica),
objects from strange worlds (exotica), and inexplicable items (mirabilia) were preserved.
They reflected the standard of knowledge and view of the world at that time.”

As the name of my design practice KUNSTKAMMER suggests- I have a rather unhealthy obsession
with cabinets of curiosities, and a passion for grotesque artworks, skulls & taxidermy!
It was my aim to create a dazzling array of intriguing design works that has the diversity of a cabinet of curiosity –
and that my style will be fluid and unbounded by the one theme.

me Collectors room aims to revive the kunstkammer in modern Berlin,
purveying a time capsule and an insight in our past and cultural practises from around the world.
Immerse yourself in a huge display of anatomical teachings, shrines and skeletons, and even “unicorn tusks”!

In fact, Berlin also had its own kunstkammer that was founded in the early 16th century.
” Today the few remaining objects have been distributed around different museums
that have become the successors to the cabinet of curiosities,
albeit in a thematically differentiated way.”


2014-10-22 12.45.28

2014-10-22 12.37.02

Anatomic teaching models made from ivory with fascinating details,
often depicting different illnesses or pregnancies.

2014-10-22 12.42.412014-10-22 12.43.11

Such exotic, magnificent collections!

2014-10-22 12.43.292014-10-22 12.44.08

Shrunken heads from Tsants, Ecuador – Jivaro, 19th century
The practice of shrinking heads was not only geared towards producing a trophy of war,
it also  embalms the spirit of the victim and prevents them from taking revenge,
and at the same time helps to transfer their strength to the victorious.

2014-10-22 12.47.35

Still Lifes depict gilted, ornate plates, all painted in the late 16th century – 17th century.

2014-10-22 12.48.22

The majestic owl approaching its prey…!

2014-10-22 12.49.172014-10-22 12.49.362014-10-22 12.50.26


Fragile Sense of Hope – Art Collection Telekom

Revealing contemporary art from Eastern and Southeastern Europe,
this exhibition invites you to contemplate the insecurities and wild dreams of artists living in the former Eastern Bloc,
and their personal response to the social and political undulations through society since the fall of the Iron Curtain.
Some of the work is daunting and melancholic, exploring the impact of war and tyrannical regimes.

2014-10-22 12.26.10

Fragile Sense of Hope ensures that the significance of artistic developments
in these lesser-known circles will not go unperceived!

2014-10-22 13.10.18

2014-10-22 12.36.53
2014-10-22 12.38.322014-10-22 12.39.042014-10-22 12.39.58

This painting was painstakingly drawn on … skin.

2014-10-22 12.40.072014-10-22 12.40.212014-10-22 12.40.42

2014-10-22 13.00.122014-10-22 13.01.582014-10-22 13.09.29

A moving piece by Bosnian artist Šejla Kameri?, an appropriation of one of the racist graffiti left by
United Nations’ Dutcbat ‘peacekeepers’ in Srebrenica. Dutch troops are under much scrutiny over their
incompetence and racist attitudes towards Bosniaks, of which they were supposed to protect,
and for failing to prevent the Srebrenica Genocide happening before their very eyes.

2014-10-22 13.13.30

One of my favourite artists :  the fearless Croatia multi-media artist Igor Grubi?
and his politically charged public artwork (often illegally constructed) forces one to confront taboo themes,
he is also known for playful provocations with the remnants of the Socialist era.

Do watch one of his early notable work – East Side Story ,
which documents the hideous discrimination towards homosexuals in former Eastern Block countries,
and the violent clashes between gay activists and neo-Nazi & their sympathisers during the first Gay Pride parade.

“The aim of the art project “East Side Story” was to tackle the subject of sexual minority rights
in the society showing a violent reaction to diversity.
I was horrified by the cruel response of citizens to the activists demanding equal rights
for homosexuals during the Gay Parades in Belgrade in 2001 and Zagreb in 2002.”

I also love “Red Fountain” , where Grubi? coloured the fountain in front of the
National Bank of Croatia at Croatian Nobles Square during George Bush’s visit.
The underlining humour was that despite the crazed level of security control,
Grubi?  was able to slip in disguised as a fountain cleaner, and complete his sculpture.

“I coloured the water in the fountain blood red,
symbolically alluding to the blood of the victims of Bush’s international policy
as well as protesting against the IMF policy.”

2014-10-22 12.48.51

2014-10-22 13.18.17

Memento Mori
Love the fine touch on the storage lockers with thought provoking phrases!


2014-10-22 12.25.02

The me Collectors room cafe carries the theme of kunstkammer,  filled with curious objects and taxidermy,
where you can enjoy a great range of freshly baked goodies, hearty soups and organic wines.

2014-10-22 12.25.27

We took a seat on the long gymnastic leather benches and enjoyed:

2014-10-22 13.31.312014-10-22 13.31.53


Stiftung Olbricht
Auguststraße 68, 10117 Berlin

Communal bar & eat house


Some of my awesome foodie friends have been whispering about lunching
at the newly revamped Brisbane Square food precinct,
so post-storm I finally ventured over to check it out!

Featuring four new eateries, Brisbane Square has successfully transformed
its humble food court into a more upmarket,  trendy food atrium.

Today we tried Communal Bar & Eat House
I was instantly drawn to the action – a vast cocktail bar & open kitchen (with a wood fire oven!)
As the name suggests, Communal Bar & Eat House aims to promote collective noshing
with its semi alfresco communal tables, creating a casual, social space!
There are also high tables which seats two to three, and an artistic indoor dining area
for those who are after a more intimate experience.

IMG_8820A bit of Broadway magic! Love these cabaret-style signage


Rustic cutlery holders with a tap-like handle!


Et voilà, the food! The eating house specialises in burgers, share plates & wood-fired pizzas:


fior di latte (mozzarella), san marzano sauce, prosciutto, porcini mushroom, olives


These. Fat. Succulent. Scallops. Are. Just. Too. Divine.
Paired with a caesar salad with anchovies, young cos, maple bacon, parmesan, ciabatta croutons & poached egg

IMG_8838The Bavarian Dog
Flamed German Bratwurst, sauerkraut, potato salad and mustard


Communal Bar & Eat House
266 George Street, Brisbane Square


Can’t wait to try the other wonderful establishments in Brisbane Square:

Meat & Eat
Brought to us by the cool kids at The Cutting Board
(which was closed today so I didn’t take any photos)

Chow Down
Contemporary Asian dining that captures the essence of street foods



I want these beer light boxes at home haha


Café Brisbane


Celebrating Queensland’s fruitful catches and produces!



Digging those tufted lounges and exposed copper lighting!

Stay tuned!

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