Golden Pig Food & Wine School opens for weekend brunch!


Cannot contain my excitement when I received a newsletter from the Golden Pig Food & Wine School 
announcing that they will be open for weekend brunches starting from the 19th of July!
I have blogged about this food haven here when I attended one of their fun-packed cooking classes : )


Can’t picture a more perfect start to this beautiful Sunday,
sitting in the tranquil, vast warehouse space looking out into their open kitchen
and being enveloped in all the wonderful flavours and fresh potted / hanging greenery




The coffee & food was just magnificent – beautifully prepared and using such fine ingredients!
Even through the simpler all-day breakfast menu you can feel their culinary expertise and
their dedication and passion to food.
And sometimes- the simpler the dish, the harder it is to get it just right!



Creamy scrambled eggs with ikura and fresh dill


The shakshouka was very impressive – the eggs were perfectly runny
and unlike a lot of other recipes, the sauce wasn’t too sour!


Their shop carries a range of must-haves home ware, teas and Asian cooking essentials!


The Golden Pig Food & Wine School 

Monday 7.30am – 12pm
Tuesday – Friday 7.30am – 2pm
Saturday + Sunday 7.30am – 2pm


Harvest at GOMA

The “Harvest” exhibition – art, film + food!


Coinciding with the Good Food Month,
the Harvest exhibition is a celebration of food in art.
Featuring over 150 acquisitions ranging from still lifes from the seventeenth century
to contemporary pieces, I was very excited as the theme marries my two great passions in life!


giant biospheres (with hanging pineapple stems and water)
this reminds me of the Design Pox concept I did with the Sydney Powerhouse Museum!



ShanghART Supermarket – by Xu Zhen
I’ve previously read about this piece so it was great to experience it in real life!
Replicating a shabby Chinese supermarket
all the products inside are emptied packaging (containing nothing but air)
it’s quite a fun installation – & in the initial piece you can actually purchase the items!

IMG_8317IMG_8318nostalgic tin toys constructed from Coke/Pepsi/beer cans


“antique” Coca Cola


this was a haunting piece of bulls made up of corned beef tins


Get up and Walk by Barthélémy Toguo
explores the “fluidity of borders” & captures beauty via partial bodies
morphing into a set of kidneys
This was my favourite piece, his art style reminds me of Balint Zsako


The harvesting of nails with a rather disturbing video


Large scale drawing in the courtyard by Kerrie Poliness

Overall I was expecting to see more theatricality -
I wanted to see more experimental food art that blurs the line between food in art and art in food
(the likes of  Bompas & Parr , Emilie Baltz or Proef) & pairing of science & mechanics to
create whimsical, interactive dining experiences

- but nonetheless, do check out this exhibition!


28th June – 21st September 2014
Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)
Free admission



Harvest – a branding concept

As we kick off into the triumphant Good Food Month,
Brisbane is on fire with events!
With GOMA’s Harvest exhibition (#Harvest – which I shall blog about in the next post!)
A celebration of food in art with over 150 works from the Gallery’s Collection!

We also have the Teneriffe Festival,
Regional Flavours, as well as the James Street Food & Wine Trail
- just to name a few!

I have created some branding concepts to celebrate the bountiful Harvest of QLD!


Fertile image sourced from Agribrink

From Farm to Fork;
Let’s take a moment to thank all the hardworking growers and makers,
for bringing to us such beautiful ingredients and produce,
and to those who toil behind the fiery stoves to provide us with gourmet delights!


Concept 1
The globe artichoke consists of a cluster of budding flowers,
it signifies growth and represents the layers of food knowledge and history
that help shape the current foodscape we see today.

 A play on the words ‘an artichoke’s heart’ (the edible portion of the plant),
a heart shows through in the logo to symbolise the love and care
growers & makers have towards their cause,
and reminds us we should be respectful of nature!


Concept 2

The logo morphs from a carrot, and the tagline is in earthy brown.
Supplementary elements depict cutleries growing from
fruits and vegetables (this can be made into brooches!)
The design takes us back to the roots of our food and places emphasis
on “from farm to fork”- we are intertwined with nature.

Harvest 4

Oh my stomach and my camera shall be very busy in the next few weeks!
See you all there!