Over the past year I’ve been involved in a meaningful design project for Find-Me Carers Watch – a personal, mobile, emergency alert system designed to keep our vulnerable loved ones safe, whilst providing them the freedom to live their lives fully. Recently we’ve refreshed the website and backend interface, with many design upgrades to the device itself in the works.

The Carers Watch was originally created for dementia applications and has been refined through expert insights in the field of aged care and dementia. With a simplistic, functional interface, the Carers Watch was engineered specifically for the elderly, those living with dementia, as well as people with low vision and/or limited fine motor skill.

Here are some screen grabs of my mock up’s for the new site – but head on over to their site to see it in action!

How is it December already!!! Recently worked on a fun branding project with the awesome sauce team from Clui Design to develop Eats of Asia.

Eats of Asia is a contemporary street food concept, bringing the hustle and bustle to Grand Central Toowoomba, and transforming the space into a modern dining precinct. The proposed branding reflects the vibrancy and rustic authenticity of Asian cuisine, transporting you to the local hawker stands and kopitiam’s.

Logo | Version 1

Logo | Alt version:

Inspired by the rustic (often hand-drawn) signs of hawker food stalls and kopitiams, this logo option is a contemporary interpretation, with a pair of chopsticks as an accent icon to create a point of interest. The grungy, stamp-like logo is on-trend and pays homage to the rich culture and history of South East Asia.

Packaging, signage and uniform simulation

Can’t wait to see it come to life! Happy slurpin’!

As a gift to a friend with an adorable newborn, I illustrated a Little Red Cheeks story book written by members in our badminton group – ‘the hangry smashers’! The characters are an introduction for baby Eva to her many uncle and aunties – and the book is filled with fun stories of our adventures, inside jokes and idiosyncrasies (a lot of Game of Thrones references haha).

 Beautifully printed by Artifact Uprising with additional pages for collages

Wishing you a happy birthday baby Eva, hope you like the personalised book!

Harro! I'm Charmaine, a graphic designer & illustration artist based in Australia. This site is dedicated to my design shenanigans and anything that tickles my fancy! 



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