Animal’s Faith

Prior to Christmas I was approached by a dear friend in The NetherLands to
be part of a charity initiative for Animal’s Faith, and create a set of thank you post cards
to the generous donators who participated in the drive.

Animal’s Faith was founded by Liz Wolting (who’s a bit of a superwoman…)
providing rehabilitation, dog training and grooming,
as well as an animal shelter and hotel – all under one woof (haha)!
Liz has helped many struggling rescues regain trust in their humans,
as well as providing needed discipline for the rogue pets!

AnimalsFaithPost card (front)


Post card (back)

The campaign successfully raised €1250, with the proceeds going towards
food & medical bills for the rescued animals,
as well as their training and rehabilitation!


If you are based in the NL, and is looking to adopt a new family member,
or would like to help out with this inspirational cause,
do follow their Website or Facebook !

Motto Motto Japanese Kitchen


The wait is over – Motto Motto Japanese Kitchen opens at Garden City Westfield!
Have been getting good vibes from their hoarding … and they certainly did not disappoint!

Motto Motto means “more, more” in Japanese, such a catchy name!
(And yes the food was so good, I want more, more, please and thank you).

Brought to us by the renowned SONO team (one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Brisbane)
Motto Motto‘s branding is executed seamlessly throughout the space.
Based on geometry and origami, the various folds and shapes convey how
simple, basic forms can tessellate and manifest into beautiful structures –
just as how simple, wholesome ingredients can be brought together to create a magnificent meal!

Motto Motto is a casual, contemporary shokudo (dining room) purveying
refined fast food that marries fresh local ingredients into traditional Japanese cuisine.

IMG_8991A concept restaurant with a dynamic façade – the eye catching geometric structure
reminds me of trendy select store Konzepp on Tung Street in Hong Kong

2014-12-28 13.28.37

Separated by wooden, bamboo-like partition, the front dining section has a view of the outside passageway,
with tinted glass to match the soothing green brand colour, whilst providing some privacy to the diners.
White origami lights dapple mesmerising shadows on the wooden floor.

IMG_8999The cut out geometric window adds a level of visual impact from the inside and out!

IMG_9002A very cheerful, friendly team – how cute are their bandanas!
In keeping with the finest traditions of Japanese restaurants,
you will be showered with customary greetings of
“welcome” and “thank you” as you enter and leave!
(I don’t know about you but I love having people cheer me on for eating haha)

2014-12-28 13.40.58Colourful, custom made lounges with practical water proof fabric

IMG_9007A harmonious juxtaposition of vibrant origami art with minimal blonde wood,
creating a warm and cosy interior!

2014-12-28 13.28.03

Love the merchandising – traditional drying bamboo baskets for the edamame!

2014-12-28 13.28.21Great little detail of the origami art folded up, inviting eaters to open the menu!

And … on to the food!


Saikyo Yaki style grilled fish with mixed seafood on creamy rice


Gyoza – comes in pork, prawn or veg options!


Ton-katsu ramen soup
12 hour pork super stock with pork belly and egg
This is the “black” option (black garlic!)


Classic ramen
Rich and fragrant, the ramen had the perfect chewy-ness


Slurp slurp


Teri-teri chicken wings
As a devout chicken wing lover, this peppery snack just hit the spot.

IMG_9014Seafood Chirashi –  Tassie salmon, pacific ocean tuna, scallop, drizzled with yuzu citrus sauce

IMG_9009They also have a range of Japanese fruit ciders, sparkling sake and choya,
as well as boutique Japanese beers, and my favourite – Sapporo!

Meals are served in cute – custom made bowls (a reinvention of the bento)
as well as custom trays and wooden slabs – design lovers will appreciate that extra level of thought!

Do check out their opening specials (this image is sourced from their website):

Motto Motto Garden City



Check out the wonderful origami folded graphic motifs on the wall!

The overall verdict : delicious and simple meals that is value for money,
with enough diversity on the menu to keep the regular eaters (me) entertained!

Motto Motto Japanese Kitchen
Shop 2011, Westfield Garden City
(near Town Square, opposite Starbucks and PH by Pho Hung Vietnamese Kitchen)
Cnr Logan & Kessels Rd, Upper Mt Gravatt QLD 4122

Motto Motto Japanese Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Koskela Sydney



Koskela is a Sydney based furniture company and design showroom,
the vast, industrial space provides a platform for local creatives to showcase their work.

Founded in May 2000 by Russel Koskela and partner Sasha Titchkosky,
this dynamic duo bravely left the corporate world to pursue excellence in design.

Follow your heart
Trust your Judgement
Do it with joy

A well-considered company ethos;
Koskela products are designed with conscience, and made to last for us to love.
Geared towards creating minimal impact to the environment,
the team strives to be a carbon-neutral business, and their furnitures are produced locally,
in a safe and healthy environment for their workers and manufacturers.
Although many companies touch upon these points in one way or another,
few can execute it with such dedication and fervour!


Koskela created this stunning installation
as part of Campaign for Wool‘s for Wool Week Australia !
(Somewhere a giant cat is grinning manically)
The campaign advocates the beauty and versatility of wool!


Located in a giant warehouse in Rosebery,
Koskela shares the space with Kitchen By Mike and their close knitted (pun intended)
design family – the styling magnet Megan Morton, who also runs The School,
where the crème de la crème of the creative world gathers to host
awesome workshops and masterclasses! Gosh… so many good things all in one place!

Ignite your inner creative and help you discover the magic that happens
when you work with your hands and your heart.

the school



A huge range of ethical cleaning products, crockery and kitchenware


Koskela offers a range of playful furniture that provides us with an alternative to
the mass-produced, soulless products.


Sculptural pieces – how gorgeous is this contour rabbit!


This beautifully sanded wombat is so soothing to look at and hug!


A charming children’s section with books, clothing and toys,
wish I was a kid again!


Have been hankering after these Harvest hand printed goodies for a while …


Kitchen By Mike

A fabulous open kitchen with lots of natural light and raw timber


1/85 Dunning Ave Rosebery NSW 2018